Alexandre Osmoze Brakha – Illustration & Animation


Fascinated since childhood by animation and urban arts, Alexandre embarks on fine arts studies in his hometown of Marseille. At the end of his studies he started in animation professionally and devotes himself to develop entirely his own style. Graffiti, painting, illustration, art of movement by the image his privileged means of expression. The medias as canvas and walls transform into screen in 2000 when digital art enters his life. His work in art and film has been selected and rewarded in many European Festivals throughout the years. It is precisely the versatility and multidisciplinary profile of Alexandre shows his creative desires. Each type of media becomes a playground in order to develop ideas and find new ways to express himself. Alexandre’s artistic approach is to claim positive ideas, to convey values, to remain open to the other cultures and different arts to impregnate his own. His visual world is a mix of Urban Pop Western tinted by Asian culture and icons with European classicism.