France-Aimy Tremblay

France-Aimy Tremblay
France-Aimy Tremblay

Mettre en valeur le potentiel des autres
Sélection 30/30 Infopresse

Finaliste au Concours ARISTA
Catégorie Jeune entrepreneur en croissance au Québec présenté par la Jeune Chambre des commerces de Montréal (JCCM)

Où sont les réalisatrices ?
Article: Grenier aux nouvelles

Roméo & Fils recentre son offre publicitaire et restructure l'équipe de direction
Article: Infopresse

France-Aimy Tremblay

France-Aimy Tremblay is a talent agent and an executive producer at ROMEO, as well as its co-founder.

Despite her young age when she founded the company (25), her determination, her passion and her Cartesian spirit allowed her to quickly familiarize herself with entrepreneurship and the field of television production.

The company is experiencing rapid growth. France-Aimy has succeeded in infusing the organization with extraordinary dynamism by distinguishing herself through her leadership, the bond she develops with those around her and her rigor in the management of human and financial resources.

She is particularly proud to offer career opportunities to the next generation, to showcase Quebec talents and to be a young woman active in the business world.

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